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Scrotox in Miami

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What is Scrotox?

At our office in Miami Scrotox refers to the injection of medication containing botulinum toxin (for example, Botox) in the muscle layer of the scrotum. By relaxing the scrotal muscle, scrotal wrinkles are smoothed out to produce a sleek look with lower-hanging, larger-appearing testicles. Many men and their partners find the appearance of a completely smooth, shiny scrotum as inviting and difficult to resist. Others love the satisfying “slap” produced during sex thanks to the free swing of a looser, relaxed scrotum.

Am I a good candidate for Scrotox with Miami Men’s?

Most patients in generally good health with realistic expectations are candidates for Scrotox in Miami. If you have recently received Botox injections in other parts of your body you may need to wait a few months for Scrotox treatment.

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Scrotox Recovery


There is no downtime or recovery period after Scrotal Botox. Just sit back and let the medication take effect.

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Miami Men’s was created with the goal of establishing the world’s premier cosmetic urology center. As urologic surgeons with extensive experience with scrotal anatomy and scrotal surgery, we are well positioned to provide the safest, most comfortable and most effective Scrotox treatment.

When making decisions about your most prized body parts there is no room for compromise. The experts at Miami Men’s have set the standard for scrotal cosmetic procedures. The Miami Men’s space was designed specifically to provide a comfortable, discreet, and high-end location for patients seeking personalized care. To learn more about Scrotox Miami patients can call our concierge at (786) 899-0293 to schedule a consultation and discuss payment options.

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