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Scrotoplasty in Miami

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What is Scrotoplasty?

Lift the scrotum with remarkable results

Gravity and time can stretch scrotal skin resulting in low-hanging testicles. Many men find these changes to be uncomfortable. Others are bothered by the appearance. Not only can a saggy scrotum make a man look older, it can produce a visual illusion of a shorter penis. For men seeking a more youthful, tighter scrotum, our expert cosmetic urologic surgeons offer Scrotoplasty in Miami. This surgical procedure removes extra scrotal skin to lift the scrotum with remarkable results.

Am I a good candidate for Scrotoplasty with Miami Men’s?

Most patients in generally good health with realistic expectations and no history of prior testicular cancers are candidates for our Miami Scrotoplasty procedure. All patients will be thoroughly evaluated prior to surgery to ensure optimal results.

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Your Scrotoplasty Procedure

Once a patient has decided to go forward with Scrotoplasty, our surgical coordinator will help arrange for travel, pre-operative evaluations, surgical scheduling, and post-operative assistance as needed. The procedure may be financed through our partners at United Medical Credit and CareCredit. We operate exclusively out of a world-class surgery center staffed exclusively by board-certified anesthesiologists in South Miami. The Scrotoplasty procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

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Scrotoplasty Recovery

Light activity may be resumed a few days after surgery

Following Scrotoplasty Miami patients may return home or to a hotel to rest. If a friend or family member is not available to accompany you after surgery, the clinic can arrange for a professional nursing service to provide transportation and attentive care in the days after surgery. Patients return to our clinic one day after surgery for a wound check. Following this visit, patients return home to begin their recovery process. Tight underwear or a jock supporter must be worn for at least two weeks. Light activity may be resumed a few days after surgery; however, exercise, sex, and heavy lifting must be avoided until cleared by our team.

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Schedule your Miami Scrotoplasty consultation with Miami Men’s today

Miami Men’s was created with the goal of establishing the world’s premier cosmetic urology center. Scrotal surgery and Scrotoplasty are important offerings for the man seeking optimal self-confidence regarding his appearance. The Miami Men’s space was designed specifically to provide a comfortable, discreet, and high-end location for patients seeking personalized care. Our surgical concierge is available and eager to help you learn more about Scrotoplasty.

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