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Miami Men's Original VIP Vasectomy is performed in the comfort of your own home

A vasectomy is a simple procedure that can bring about complicated feelings. While each man has his own reasons for desiring a vasectomy, we understand the apprehension that some men feel when considering the procedure. At Miami Men's, our VIP Vasectomy experience was imagined to create a comfortable and convenient process from the privacy of your own home or our private office space. We assist in eliminating the barriers of anxiety and inconvenience so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

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Your At-Home Vasectomy Procedure

Why a VIP Vasectomy?

Miami Men's is home of the original at-home vasectomy. Aptly dubbed our VIP Vasectomy, Miami Men's offers a luxury gift to you or your partner for making what was once an anxiety-inducing decision. We use a combination of medicine, technique, and technology and bring that to your home to ensure the easiest, most comfortable and convenient experience. Our doctors employ the “No Scalpel Technique” and “Needleless Local Anesthesia” for maximum comfort both during and after your vasectomy.

Our doctors administer a medicinal combination to enhance comfort and minimize any breakthrough discomfort after the procedure. The best part is that you can sit back in the comfort of your living room and watch your favorite show during the short process. During your in-home visit, you will be provided with a semen collection kit. Eight weeks following your VIP Vasectomy, just drop the self-addressed kit in the mail so the lab may analyze the sample and confirm the success of the procedure. The convenience and comfort of this service cannot be understated, as it allows you to “collect” your sample in the privacy of your own home. By comparison, the standard vasectomy process requires men to “collect” a post-vasectomy semen sample in a public bathroom or office.

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VIP Vasectomy Recovery

You should allow yourself to rest for several days after your Vasectomy and should wait two to three weeks to engage in strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, or sex. You will also want to wear tight underwear or a jockstrap for a few days for added support.

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You no longer need to let inconvenience or apprehension dictate your family planning and can now look forward to a royal treatment. Take control of your future and schedule a consultation for yourself or your partner to learn more. Pricing can be discussed with our surgical concierge by calling (786) 899-0293 or texting (786) 485-1289 for your Vasectomy in Miami. While we offer a premium service, we believe all men deserve this experience. We offer flexible payment options, including credit card payment and financing to make this experience available to as many men as possible. We look forward to welcoming you!

Vasectomy Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! VIP Vasectomy is a luxury gift for the previously-apprehensive or “no hassles” man. We will need to do a consultation with the person receiving the VIP Vasectomy so please contact us for more details.

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure that involves cutting, sealing, or blocking the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis. This procedure is considered a form of permanent birth control and is often performed on men who no longer want to have children or who do not want to rely on other forms of contraception. During the procedure, a small incision is made in the scrotum, and the vas deferens is accessed and either cut and sealed or blocked with clips or other devices.

No. Erections result from increased blood flow to the penis. A Vasectomy interrupts sperm flow through the vas deferens between the testicles and the prostate.

Not in a noticeable way. Sperm is only 3% or less of semen volume so the difference is unnoticeable.

No. A vasectomy does not impact testosterone production.

No. A vasectomy does not have an impact on sex drive as it does not interfere with testosterone.

While a Vasectomy can potentially be reversed, the reversal process can be expensive and is not 100% effective. Therefore, we advise patients to consider vasectomy as a permanent procedure.

While we offer a premium service, we aim to work with patients to make this service available to as many men as possible so we offer flexible payment options, including credit card payment and financing. For more information about our vasectomy cost and processes, please contact our surgical concierge by calling (786) 899-0293 or texting (786) 485-1289.

Risks associated with Vasectomy include:

  1. Infection - risk is approximately 1%, though this is usually mild and limited to the site of the incision.
  2. Hematoma - generally appears to be 2%.
  3. Chronic pain - less than 1%.
  4. Vasectomy failure - the risk of this complication is very small, though it can occur in two ways. Early failure is verified by semenalysis that we collect from your house in the weeks following your procedure. However, the risk of early failure is a procedural issue that is heavily influenced by the skill and experience of the provider. Late vasectomy failure due to recanalization is extremely rare, occurring at a rate of approximately 1 in 2,000.

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