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Penile Enlargement with the Himplant by Penumain Miami

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What is Penuma?

Miami Men's offers the Himplant by Penuma, the gold standard of penile enlargement.

The Himplant by Penuma is the world’s first FDA-cleared implant for penile enlargement. The implant is composed of a soft, silicone sheath that is surgically inserted under the penile skin to provide an impressive and immediate increase in penis size. Thanks to the brilliant design of the implant, penile augmentation with Penuma results in a bigger, thicker penis that maintains a natural look and feel.

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Increase your confidence and leave lasting impressions

Patients can expect an average increase in circumference (thickness) of nearly two inches (five centimeters) and an average increase in penile length of nearly one inch (2.2 centimeters) while flaccid. In many cases, penis size continues to increase in the months after surgery as a surgical capsule forms around the implant to provide additional thickness, and the penis stretches from the weight of the implant to provide additional length. While a larger, thicker penis is sure to impress, the most valuable result of penile enlargement with Penuma cannot be measured with a ruler. Following surgery, Miami Penuma patients report a massive increase in confidence that leaves an impression far beyond the bedroom. Our patients aren’t cocky and don’t need to overcompensate for anything. Miami Men’s patients know what they have to offer, and it shows.

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Dr. De Fazio and Penuma

The World's Premier Penile Enlargement Program

Dr. De Fazio created his Miami practice with the goal of establishing the world’s premier penile enlargement program. At Miami Men’s, Dr. De Fazio seeks to bring quality and experience to a center tailor-made for the Penuma patient.

Strategically located to provide convenient access for men throughout the US, Latin America, and Europe, Miami Men’s is positioned to represent the gold standard for penile enlargement throughout the world. The Miami Men’s space was designed specifically to provide a comfortable, discrete, and high-end location for patients seeking personalized care. With Penuma Miami patients are paired with our surgical concierge, who offers real-time advice and guidance regarding clinical questions, financing, and travel. Dr. De Fazio is also personally involved and available for every patient throughout the screening process, perioperative period, and recovery. At Miami Men’s, we believe that optimum outcomes are achieved through our hyperspecialization in Penile Enlargement along with an unparalleled level of attentive patient care.

Am I a good candidate for Penile Enlargement with Penuma?

Not all interested candidates are eligible for penile enlargement surgery with Dr. De Fazio. In order to achieve the absolute best aesthetic outcomes and highest levels of patient confidence, Dr. De Fazio has instituted a strict screening program for every candidate. All patients wishing to undergo Penile Enlargement with Penuma must meet the following medical criteria:

  • Circumcision - all Penuma candidates must be circumcised prior to the procedure. If a patient was not previously circumcised, he may undergo circumcision in preparation for penile enlargement. This must be performed at least eight weeks prior to Penuma insertion.
  • No history of prior penile enlargement procedures (including fillers and fat injections)
  • No tobacco or drug use for at least 30 days before the procedure and 3 months after the procedure
  • No significant medical issues

Prospective penile implant patients are also evaluated to confirm realistic surgical expectations and assess their potential to embody the defining quality of the Miami Men’s patient: an unmistakable sense of confidence that sends a clear message to the world.

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Your Penile Enlargement Procedure

Dr. De Fazio is available for in-person consultations and virtual visits to discuss the procedure in detail, review the defining qualities of the Miami Men’s experience and assess each patient to ensure they meet our surgical criteria. Once a patient has decided to undergo Penile Enlargement with Dr. De Fazio, our surgical concierge provides a seamless path to surgery by coordinating financing, travel, pre-operative evaluations, surgical scheduling, and post-operative assistance as needed.

We operate exclusively out of a world-class surgery center staffed exclusively by board-certified anesthesiologists in South Miami. The Penuma procedure takes less than an hour and is performed under general anesthesia. Dr. De Fazio places the penile implant through a discrete scrotal incision that effectively avoids visible evidence of the surgery. Dr. De Fazio will assess your penis at the time of surgery to determine the perfect penile implant size (Large, Extra Large, or Extra Extra Large) to achieve a careful balance between maximum size and a natural appearance. A surgical dressing is placed at the end of the procedure and removed in the clinic the following day.

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Ensure optimal results and avoid complications

Following surgery, Penuma patients return home or to a hotel to rest. If a friend or family member is not available to accompany you after surgery, we can arrange for a professional nursing service to provide transportation and attentive care following your surgery. Patients return to our clinic for three days following surgery for dressing changes, wound checks and surgical drain removal.

Initially patients must take precautions to ensure optimal results and avoid complications. While patients will immediately see an impressive increase in penis size and thickness, the complete healing process can take a few months until the final results are achieved. It is important to note that patients must avoid all sexual activity until cleared by Dr. De Fazio. This period of sexual rest is necessary to allow the penis to heal, reduce the risk of complications and achieve the best and most natural-appearing result. Typically we require six to eight weeks of recovery before resuming sexual activity. Patients must also avoid physical exercise until cleared by Dr. De Fazio. While the necessary period of recovery will vary with each patient, we typically will clear patients for light upper body exercise after 4 weeks, light lower body exercise after four to six weeks and regular workouts after six to eight weeks. Patients are required to wear a compressive dressing (UroWrap) during any strenuous activity for 6 months after their Miami Penuma Penile Implant procedure.

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Live Life to it's Fullest

Schedule your Miami Penuma consultation with Miami Men’s today

Call or text our Penuma concierge directly at (786) 899-0293 to immediately begin a conversation regarding penile enlargement with Dr. De Fazio. We can quickly arrange for either an in-person consultation or virtual visit.

Penuma Frequently Asked Questions

The vast majority of patients will report no change in penile sensation after the procedure. A small minority of patients (1.5%) have reported temporary loss or decrease in sensation of the head of the penis following the procedure. This typically lasts a few days and is believed to be related to stretching of the nerves responsible for sensation. Patients are obviously concerned about any effect of the procedure on erectile function. Fortunately, patients should expect complete preservation of erectile function following penile enlargement with Penuma in Miami. This is based on the findings of a clinical review of over 400 Penuma patients over a five year period with no reports of changes in erectile function.

Yes. Men who currently take medications for erectile dysfunction are candidates for a Penile Implant with Penuma. After enlargement, they may continue to take advantage of available medications for erectile dysfunction including oral medications and injections.

The Penuma implant was designed to provide a durable, long-lasting result. In some cases, the implant may never need to be replaced or removed. As with any type of cosmetic implant, certain situations can arise which require either penile implant removal or exchange. Some men may request an “upgrade” a few years after initial implant placement as the penile skin relaxes and allows for additional size enhancement with a larger device. In rare cases (~ 10%) men may require removal due to uncommon complications or personal preference.

In the rare event that a need or desire to remove the implant arises, the penile implant can be removed. In order to achieve the best aesthetic results in the event of removal, a specific rehabilitation process has been developed to help provide the best possible aesthetic outcome and appearance following removal.

Your Penile implant cost can be discussed with our surgical concierge by calling or texting (786) 899-0293. Fortunately we offer flexible payment options including credit card payment and financing. While we offer a premium service, we aim to work with patients to make this life-changing procedure available to as many men as possible.

Enhanced confidence is closer than you think.

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